Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Texas Storm: Poems by Popi and Ruby

Raining in the Dark

Outside is muddy

where I hear thunder,

I see the lightning 

going flash, flash, flash!

So many commotions 

in one big big sleep,

it’s so loud

I can’t hear a peep.

Feeling content yet excited

boom, boom, boom,

one strike, two,

how about I say 

goodbye to you,

that way the sky 

can be back to blue.

by Ruby Leitner, age 8


The Texas Storm

Outside my window

the trees took a shower

and danced in the powerful wind.

Lightning strikes 

lit up the dark night

and all this commotion 

woke me from my sleepy sleep.

I saw the lightning 

with my eyes closed,

and I heard the thunder

boom, boom, boom

without even trying.

Then the storm 

left me behind

without saying goodbye 

as I fell back to sleep.

-by Popi, age 64

Poem Writing Collaboration, May 2022

Providence Village, Texas

Van Niddy Press

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