Wednesday, July 24, 2013


may heal the mind
but never the heart.

Ken Owen   Van Niddy Press   July 2013

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Boulevard

the silence of the boulevard
woke me up.

Domes of light 
from small hanging moons
     night lights for cars 
guide the way home.
My hope,
everyone is where
they wanted to be.

The hush has a buzz in it,
     (why do you tilt your head to make it out?)

probably invisible waves from Radio City
    (why do we imagine they're blue?)

on their way through the ether.
    (if no one hears them, do they just keep going..?)

The sound
of sound 
you can't hear.

In a few hours
lights off,
all quiet lost, 
the boulevard drowns
in waves of sound.

Ken Owen   Van Niddy Press   July 2013

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Curiosity Saved The Street Crazy

It was a strange night.

When the band took a break, the locals spilled into the alley and started putting on a weirder-than-usual show outside the sweaty bar, blowing shit up and yelling and screaming with random outbursts of indecipherable anger rants. A drunk was shouting and demanding respect and promptly received a kick in the chest from the door man. Someone looked at the drunk, and as if to give him the summary of his just received lesson said, “You gotta earn respect,” then shook his head and went back inside the bar. The whole episode didn't seem to phase anyone but me, so I went back inside to escape the street crazy. Yeah, the bar was safer than the street. Frying pan or fire.

In the midst of all the madness someone told me all the affirmations they were practicing, and it was all very nice chit-chat until she said she was trying to develop her curiosity. It took a few seconds for that to make its way through my old thought grinder, but when it did the noise in the bar faded into the background and then curiosity was all I could think about:

Curiosity keeps you moving forward like a shark in the life’s waters.

You cant be curious living life with your head down and going through the motions.

You can’t be curious watching TV.

You can’t be curious staring at the bottom of one more gin and tonic.

And for those playing along at home, I am fairly certain that being curious as to who will be your next American Idol does not count.

So, what can you learn from the crazy people you see in sweaty bars?

Be curious and ask the right questions, because if you ask the wrong questions you’ll get the wrong answers and make the wrong opinions, and then you’ll end up drunk in the alley by the bar screaming at people and getting kicked in the chest and no one will care because you’re just another asshole with an opinion demanding respect you haven’t earned.

And how will you know what the right question is?

Good question.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Morning Summer Rain

Morning summer rain
makes hot and steamy sidewalks
when the sun returns.

Ken Owen   Van Niddy Press   July 2013

Friday, July 5, 2013


I roamed the distant land of Aubergine,
with rolling hills of luscious vine
and valleys long serene,
as I searched to find 
the meaning for my time.

My suffering carried the weight of the Calvary Cross,
up twisted roads without rest
past once grand views now lost,
as I tried my best
to understand life’s test.

I found a fancy nest of memories,
with paintings of forgotten times
scattered like faded leaves,
with song and wine
I mourned things left behind.

False reflections gleamed from natures window,
our place at life’s lush banquet
when you swore I held your soul,
I must learn to forget
lost love's regret.

All I know now of this Glory Land,
where morning fog from distant seas
floats with grace of a gentle lamb,
forgiveness is the breeze
that sways the trees.

I took the long way home from Aubergine,
the winding country road stretched long
like a sleepy summer dream,
with memories to song
I travel on.

for d.b. and n.i.

Ken Owen,  Van Niddy Press,  Sebastopol,  CA,  Summer 2013