Friday, April 20, 2018

Sam was Drunk Last Night

Sam was drunk last night.

You could tell 
by the late night 
he was sending

They didn’t make 
much sense

He was worrying 
already passed
that he could no longer
do anything about 

and it kept him awake

and he knew it was silly

so he sent his
as well

but he was 
just the same

But I just 
because I know
you don’t have to 
be drunk 

to catch yourself
looking behind you
for what has already
passed you by

Ken Owen 
Van Niddy Press    April 2018

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Dirty Looks

(The Importance of Napping)

My dog gives me 
dirty looks.

I’m sure of it.

If I cough or sneeze 
while he is sleeping
and startle him awake

he’ll quickly lift his head 
suspend it in mid-air
and just stare at me
thinking the thoughts
of an exasperated dog

then he’ll slowly lower
his head back down
and heave a deep sigh of frustration 
at having to start his nap 
all over again 
from the beginning 

and if I should make
this unpardonable sin
more than once in a session

he will slowly rise up and
find himself a new spot 
to continue his nap

while silently cursing
his bad misfortune 
in having to deal 
with such insolence.

I understand completely.

Ken Owen
Van Niddy Press  April 2018