Saturday, January 20, 2018

You Again

It’s getting so
That I can barely finish
Reading a love poem
Or any poem for that matter

Without your day dream image 
Appearing unannounced and
Knocking my concentration 
Completely of track

And I find myself 
Having to read the same lines 
Over and over...

And I find myself
Having to read the same lines 
Over and over....

I’m sorry,
what was I saying? 

Ken Owen   
January 2018   Van Niddy Press 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

It Is Our Time To Dance

(Es Nuestro Tiempo Para Bailar)

And so it is
in these days of rushing 
everywhere for everything 

in the name of 
getting somewhere and 
making sure things get done

No one is dancing

while everyone is frantically 
trying to get ready
for their song to end

No one is dancing

in this majestic ballroom
on this grand stage to a song 
that can be played only once

No one is dancing

when there should be
crazy tangos under the blistering sun
and steamy boleros under a pale blue moon

No one is dancing 

only slow death marches
towards a fate you were sold
because you believed them

But my love
I have seen you
from across the dance floor

where one look into your eyes
gave time 
its true measure

It is our time to dance.

Ken Owen   
Van Niddy Press   January 2018