Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Observations on a Crowded Sky

Military jets at 50,000 feet
     leaving trails of mystery
too heavy to move

Commercial planes at 5,000 feet
     prepare for delivering 
anxious tourists 

Black birds at 500 feet
     heading east en masse
never finish the sunset 

Hummingbirds at 30 feet,
     our empty feeder
long forgotten 

Gnats circle at 20 feet,
    frantic action
with no collisions

Charcoal and lighter fluid drifts at 10 feet,
     the neighbors dinner 
ready in one hour

Dragonflies at 2 feet
     buzzing the lawn
for dinner
 The dog and I at Ground Zero,
     eyes skyward,

Ken Owen   
Van Niddy Press   September 2017

Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Wrong Enemy

The naked emperor 
is not your enemy

he is just a rotting corpse
of a once great idea

a powerless ornament
on the hood of the car

it's what's under the hood
that should concern you.

Ken Owen    
Van Niddy Press   September 2017

Monday, September 4, 2017

Try Not to Think

Try not to think;
it will usually

It does 
you see
but perhaps for you
it will be different.

On most occasions
if I think of something
it reaches right in
and cuts me to the quick
almost immediately.

The trick is this:
the experience 
but don't think about it,
just let it happen in front of you

let it fill 
your heart and senses
but not your mind
where you'll over-think it.

Not easy.

to Randy from Ken, August 2017