Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How the Sun Feels

(On A Day Like Any Other)

On a day like any other
The Sun and I woke together 
and rubbed sleepy clouds 
of morning from our eyes.

Time to face the day, I groaned.

Time to be the day, said the Sun
as it tenderly kissed my cheek 
and sent me on my way.

On a day like any other
I came out at noon to see the Sun 
shouting at ladies under parasols 
and gentlemen in tight collars.

Must you be so stern, I asked.

Must you be so insolent, demand the Sun 
as it stung my cheek with a burning reprimand 
and went on about his business of parching the distant hills.

On a day like any other
I sat facing west and watched the
The Sun look guiltily over its shoulder
as it left for the night.

Thanks for all your hard work, I said.

Thanks for understanding, said the Sun 
as it gently kissed my cheek and painted 
its apology in the clouds.

Ken Owen    Van Niddy Press    June 2016