Quotes (Musicians Say The Darndest Things)

"I'm very intimidating, especially after lunch." -Todd Swenson

"It's always night in the night club." -Keta Bill to Ken Owen on a Sunday at 2:00p.m. while listening to music students at a recital thank everyone for "coming out tonight".

"Fargo kills a lot of things." -Amanda Standalone (Minneapolis, MN), guest singer at The Marsh, Berkeley

"When it's slow, the mistakes last longer."  -Alex Baum

"Make music like you're in a bunker!" -Ken Owen to Paul Griffiths

"Everything is more fun with fruit on your head."  -Angela Lilley Bennett

"Some of my happiest memories are from muscle relaxers."  -Paul Griffiths

"Am I too loud enough?"  -Rob McCloskey

"Not everyone can shake the egg out of a chicken."  -Lisa Kelly

"If it's between hiring me or getting a chicken dinner, the chicken dinner wins every time."
-Paul Olguin

"You need to tell these band leaders this is how the drummer makes money for his bologna and wonder bread."  -Charlie Natzke

"Apparently we are too loud for the people trying to ignore us."  -James Whiton

"Where the fuck is 'C'?"  -Andrew Goberman (in the dark)

"I think if I turn up the stupid they'll dig it."  -Joe Kyle, Jr.

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