Thursday, November 30, 2017


       You should be more selective 
with your use of the word


   otherwise you will have nothing 
 to call it when the real stuff 
comes around 

as you look back at 
 these moments of your rage and realize 
the insignificance of their cause.

We need to be sure 
of what we are looking at because 
Anger unchecked becomes Hate

 and bringing more Hate into the world 
will never be a way 
to defeat anything.

Ken Owen  Van Niddy Press   
November 2017

Thursday, November 23, 2017

And Death Said . . .

I gave thanks for my day 
and Death said 
“You are most welcome.”

I asked, “See you tomorrow?” 
and Death said 
“We’ll see.”

I cried, “I fear the future!”
And Death said
“Worry not,

we do 
exactly as planned
without knowing.”

Ken Owen 
Van Niddy Press,  November 2017

Saturday, November 18, 2017

There Goes The Neighborhood

While everyone is complaining
About Millennials ripping the heart
Out of their neighborhood

There are a few things
You should remember:

The Colonial English said that
When The Irish, Germans, and Italian came in

And The Irish, Germans, and Italian said that
When The Africans came in

And The Africans said that
When The Asians came in

And The Asians said that
When The Great Generation came in

And the Great Generation said that
When The Beats came in

And The Beats said that
When The Hippies came in

And The Hippies said that
When The Cops came in

And The Cops said that
When The Drug Lords came in

And The Drug Lords said that
When Generation X came in

And now everyone is telling The Millennials,
Who did what we told them to do
To be successful and productive,

“Get out of my neighborhood
You self-entitled over-paid shit,
You’re destroying my Sanctuary City!”

It’s called Change: the universal constant
that has come to every village on the planet
since we crawled out of our cave and said 

“I was here first!”

Guess what; 
you weren’t.

Of course
you could always move 
to another neighborhood
but. . .what would people say?

Ken Owen   
Van Niddy Press   November 2017