Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Haiku

Gendai Haiku

The moon and I
Contemplate each other
Behind curtains and clouds

Mountains step into dark silhouette
Prepare to guard the night sky
And offer the moon safe passage---

Squawking blackbirds
always so angry---
    If I knew why, I might agree.

        Birds on a wire
bunched closely together      except one.
Pawn, King, or out-of-towner?

Ken Owen   Van Niddy Press   April 2015

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Poets: The Difference

Most poetry
is written by lonely women
with too many cats
or men who drink 
too god dam much but 
offer no repentance
because they've realized
hangovers start their day
with the prerequisite suffering

It is much easier to experience 
the melancholy of the women
than to search for lucid thoughts
from the men

The women are at ease 
when you join them for tea 
and sad reflections at the kitchen table 
while the men make you swim
in a pool of their hopelessness 
where you can't touch the edge

The women live long quiet lives
tending their garden of beautiful memorials
while the men self-immolate with their demons 
and leave us the ashes of "what if".

Being a poet 
is a hell of a thing.

Ken Owen   Van Niddy Press   April 2015

The Mirror

All those years
left their mark
lines, east and west
telling your story
without saying a word

All those tears
left their mark
trails, north and south
as they flowed back
to the heart that made them

Ken Owen   Van Niddy Press   April 2015