Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Restful Storm

Jack is looking out the window....

It's raining (finally) in Northern California. Seems we are getting the tail end of some of the storms that hit last week in far away tropical places and did much damage. Strange how we can welcome something that did so much damage to so many, but we sure need the rain.

Jack has settled into his spot by the window. He lets me join him for a moment (though sometimes I think he'd rather be by himself in "his spot") and I wonder what he is thinking as he looks out at the rain on our street. He looks bummed out - think he realizes that daily walk has officially been canceled? I personally wouldn't rule out a rain slicker trek outside, but actually he's the big-baby when it comes to the rain - he'd swim all day long if you let him, but water from the sky seems to bug him. Fine with me, today seems to be shaping into a nice one for guilt-free desk errands (list making, anyone?) and Internet shopping as long as the power stays on.

Watching and listening to the rain after such a long absence feels calming. Who'd have thought a storm could relax you..?