Saturday, April 4, 2020

A Letter from Behind the Curtains

Dearest Ones:

Death is flying 
all around us now
just outside 
and windows

and if not careful
we could be 
the next to meet it

and after watching 
the news of the world
when we need a 
reassuring handshake
or embracing hug

they tell us that 
death could be hiding
there as well
buried deep
in those small gestures 
of comfort.

To say
these are different times
does not come close
to our new reality
of staying indoors 
hiding behind the curtains

while counting how many 
eggs you have left
before you need to brave 
the crowds parading with
eyes wide and desperate
in stores full of panic 
and empty shelves.

This will change
many things 
and many people
and its unimaginable from here
what the other side may look like
but they say
if we are diligent and 
we will make it through this.

I so look forward 
to hugging you again.


Ken Owen      April 2020
Van Niddy Press