Monday, March 1, 2021

Phases of Retirement: Part 1

Seize The Day

Phase I: 

As each day 

presents itself 

inside a small cloud 

of unidentifiable mystery

we begin

by creating an extensive list of 

chores, errands, and goals 

that need attention

knowing that 

upon completion

we will have deserved 

a nice nap at 3:00pm

which will ready us 

for the 5:00pm cocktail hour

when we will gloat over our 

vanquished tasks.

Phase II: 

Realizing that solving the riddle of 

“What day is it?”

no longer has any bearing 

on the day’s possibilities

we begin 

by identifying the lone objective 

that promises the greatest odds of completion 

based on today’s energy and outlook

which is then scheduled 

so as not to interfere with 

the afternoon nap 

around which all things are now adjusted

while entrusted with the power 

that the ceremonial anointing of 

the cocktail hour can now commence 

whenever we deem it necessary.

Ken Owen   March 2021

Van Niddy Press

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