Saturday, March 28, 2020

Covid-19: The Lexicon Explained

Death flies past your door
     while you reassess your life---
Sheltering in Place.

The freedom to yell
     "Back up, you mother fucker!"---
Social Distancing.

Pandemic removes
     self medicating stigma---
Stay at Home Drinking.

Mental inventory
     every trip to the fridge---
Disaster Ready.

Hoarding essentials:

     booze, toilet paper, Clorox---
Panicked mob shopping.

Unseen enemy
     steals things taken for granted---
Corona Virus.

Ken Owen       March 2020
Van Niddy Press

1 comment:

  1. Cherish, isolate
    Now real equals virtual--
    Or did it always?

    Once, ten things to do
    In an hour. Now one thing takes
    An entire day.

    Do I have enough
    Seratonin and TP
    To make it through this?

    I have never prayed
    Sufficiently for those folks
    I actually like.

    Is this WB Yeats'
    Second Coming nightmare dream?
    Can't imagine not.

    --dtb, '20